How Best to Treat Stains

If you do encounter a spill on clothing, when possible its best to try and blot the area, (do not rub the stain) with a clean white towel or white paper towel. Once you are able to change clothing bring it to Image as soon as possible. The sooner we can treat a stain, the more likely we are able to remove it using professional dry cleaning agents.

Hair Spray as a Stain Remover

Hair spray is often used as a home remedy to remove certain stains such as ink. Because many hair sprays contain alcohol and/or lacquer it can leave a stain of its own behind or create additional problems when combined with dry cleaning solvents. Its best to let us remove the stain using tried and true dry cleaning products.

Dry Cleaning is best

Dry cleaning uses solvents to remove substances from textiles where as home laundering uses water and soap. The dry cleaning solvents dissolve grease and oil where as water is ineffective for this type of cleaning. Natural fibers wont shrink, discolor or distort when cleaned using dry cleaning solvents, in fact solvents are actually gentler on textiles than soap and water. The bottom line is that clothes last longer and look better because they are more thoroughly cleaned and fabrics react better to professional cleaning agents compared to soap and water.

Our trained professional staff will inspect each garment for any areas needing extra attention before beginning the cleaning process. Loose or missing buttons, threads, fallen shoulder pads or hems are inspected and are repaired as needed. Image Dry Cleaners realizes its the detail in clothing that need to be attended to, in order for the garment to look as it was, when designed. Image Dry Cleaners exceeds environmental standards while ensuring superior cleaning in as safe and eco-friendly means as possible using professional products available on the market today.