Cleaning Tips

Understanding Stains

The two most common types of stains include water-based stains and oil-based stains. Some stains can include both types (water and oil) such as ink. Most (but not all) water based stains can be removed with water-based products while many oil based stains require solvents to effectively remove them. If you're attempting to remove a stain it is best to test-clean a small inconspicuous area to see what effects occur, including color change, before moving on to any other larger more conspicuous area.

Removing Stains

There are many popular stain removal products available in the marketplace as well as home remedies readily available online. The danger of using any stain removal product is the lack of understanding as to how the product could react with fibers or color of delicate garments. Extreme care should be used when dealing with valued clothes or items as some cleaning agents may remove a stain but leave behind contaminates or a reaction that could cause further damage. For safe, emergency spills such as red wine, ketchup or mustard we recommend using the most universally accepted method familiar to most; lightly dabbing (not rubbing) a clean white towel dampened with club soda or purified water. It is unwise to use colored paper towels or tap water which contain bleach and damage color. For problem stains call Image Dry Cleaners for advice before attempting to remove them.

Dry Cleaner Stain Removal

Most stains are removed before the dry cleaning process begins. We use different types of solutions or solvents, depending on the type of fabric and stain. The solutions are then worked into the fabric using specially designed tools helping to protect fibers during stain removal. Often a PH neutralizer is used in removing stains. The stain removal solutions are rinsed out of the material before moving on to dry cleaning.

When to Avoid Stain Removal

Because many stain removal products can have an adverse affect when combined with dry cleaning solutions it is best to avoid trying to remove stains before bringing items to Image Dry Cleaners. It's best to bring the stained item to Image DryCleaners as quick as possible.