Fine Dry Cleaning

Image Dry Cleaners offers fine dry cleaning and we pay attention to the details throughout the entire cleaning process. Garments feature hand-finish rolled edges, rolled lapels and we won't leave pocket or seam impression on finished clothes. We're devoted to insuring your Prada dress, Burberry suit or other fine clothing is professionally finished and looks great because we realize how much you've invested in looking your best. Let us worry about your clothes and know that you've made the right choice in ensuring your fine clothing will last and look outstanding for years to come.

Couture and Designer

Cleaning couture and designer clothes demands particular attention with some of the most delicate fabrics used for unique clothes including silk, velvet, crepe, organza and more. A gentle cleaning process will help to protect delicate fibers and helps to revitalize their innate texture and colors.

Formal Dresses

Many formal dresses require special attention and care due to the wide variety of fabrics and designs. We can help to make sure synthetic and blended fabrics will keep their shape and retain the color with our dry cleaning process.

Shirt Laundry

Image Dry Cleaners offers shirt laundry. When done properly a shirt will have perspiration and oils that naturally occur around the neck removed, be professionally pressed and folded or put on hangers. Shirt laundry is an affordable service especially when you take into consideration that each garment will last longer than if laundered at home.


Because ties are becoming more and more expensive and because they are worn so frequently it's important to have them cleaned by a professional. Image Dry Cleaners will help to restore the fabric and colors of silk ties with meticulous hand-cleaning which will help to preserve your expensive accessory and thereby extending its life.

Wedding and Christening Gowns

It's important to have your wedding dress dry cleaned after use because stains can turn yellow after just a short period of time. Image Dry Cleaners is experienced with the cleaning of wedding dresses, which can be difficult to clean. Many of these dresses are trimmed with lace, beads, organza, sequins, etc. which require special care and attention to detail. Trust Image's experience to properly clean your valued keepsake.